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"You'll never really know just how far one decision will go "

My practice is situated in Southsea at the Remedi clinic

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My fee £55.00 an hour

Hypnotherapy Portsmouth can help you.

All of us go into Hypnotic states as we go through our day.This is a form of self Hypnosis, it's a bit like a daydream or some people call the experience a trance. When you go into a Hypnotic state you will become relaxed and time seems to change.Hypnotherapy gives your unconscious, time to take in new information about how to make the changes you want or desire. Hypnotherapy for weight loss is one of many tools that I use to get the result you want.Quit smoking with Hypnotherapy is something else you may have considered or you know friends that have had Hypnotherapy and it's worked.

When you consider that there is something that YOU would like to improve about yourselves, these considerations come from the unconscious mind, which then makes their way to the conscious mind, so then we can take some action to make those changes. When you experience Hypnotherapy you are neither asleep nor awake and you will be very relaxed.

We all have experienced daydreaming with those pleasant feeling of relaxation when we are in a Hypnotic state.

Mind Matters

Relationships and Stress

Hypnotherapy helps with relationship problems. At times our relationships with friends and family can be stressful. Relationships can come under stress because of the dynamics change over time. Having children can put stress on most couple’s relationships as they learn how to deal with the new changes. This is where Hypnotherapy/Hypnosis can help you to find the resources so you can maintain a stress-free life. At work there will always be times when we are put under pressure. If we become too stressed this can lead to depression. The stresses of life are all too familiar because of our own expectations. Our life is forever changing and because of this, we have to adapt to these ongoing differences.Learning self Hypnosis techniques will give your unconscious mind positive suggestions which will change your thinking. Depression seems to be a constant stream of negative images, movies, and negative self-talk.These images, movies combined with negative self-talk usually consist of nine negative images, sounds or feelings.These will loop or jump from one to another of the nine..

Mind Matters

Mind Matters

Mind Matters

Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Anxiety can run through the same structure as above.Usually, anxiety will consist of one or many images and sounds and feeling that runs the same pattern.The difference between depression and anxiety is the images will be different but not all of the time.When the mind runs through these images the nervous system after a while will start to give anxiety symptoms, which in some cases can create panic attacks.What I have noticed with anxiety and panic attacks in all cases is there has been one or many significant emotional situations, that seems to have got stuck. This makes them feel out of control and they have lost the feeling of being safe.Anxiety symptoms can range from dizziness, palpitations, blurry vision, hot or cold sweats.

Stopping Smoking

The day you give up smoking will be one of the most significant days of your life. Stopping smoking will give you your control back for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Have you tried to stop smoking? Have you given it your best shot using your willpower? Stopping smoking now will give you so many benefits in the future and now. Have you made your mind up to quit smoking? Well now is the time to give me a call. Giving up smoking for some people can be hard but for others, it’s really easy. Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy can help you make the change you want in your life, so you can become healthier and with extra money in your pocket. I use a combination of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming. When these techniques are used you will be surprised how easy it was for you to stop smoking. There are many different techniques of Hypnotherapy and NLP and they all lead to the same place…successes!

So if your thinking NOW is the right time to stop smoking ? Give me a call.

Smoking Facts

What’s in your favorite brand?

When you stop smoking have a look at the list of chemicals that won't be in your body.


Your body will start thanking you in so many ways as soon as you stop smoking. Your body is regulated by your unconscious mind. Are you aware of your heart beating 100,000 times a day? Are you aware of the 17,280 breaths you take in a day? Your body will remove the nicotine quickly. The NHS suggests it will take 24 hours before you start feeling withdrawals believe this process can. I know from my own personal experience this can be different for everyone. Most of my clients have stopped smoking overnight without any withdrawals.

Here are a few things to consider.

Mind Matters

Mind Matters

Mind Matters

Franz Aton Mesmer came into the world in May 23 1734 and we can assume Franz was a very curious man. Between 1773 and 1774 he began to experiment with a treatment in which he used magnets and acquired a reputation as an outstanding healer. He soon came to believe that there was a subtle fluid or force emanating from his body. He named this fluid

"animal magnetism".

Franz Aton Mesmer passed away March 5th, 1815.

Mesmer opened the door of curiosity.

Puysegur began offering magnetic treatments in 1785. He created a new form of magnetism, which he called “ the perfect crisis” followed by “magnetic sleep” until finally “artificial somnambulism.” Somnambulism is the medical term for sleepwalking. An interesting observation that was noticed by Puysegur was that patients seemed to be more knowledgeable when ‘asleep’ than when ‘awake’.

James Esdaile, a Scottish surgeon with the East India Company conducted several major operations with good results using Mesmer’s technique, applying some local influences such as Yogic breathing and stroking. Although his techniques were improvised, an official investigation was impressed by his results and in due course, he became the founder of The Calcutta Mesmeric Hospital. While in India Esdaile performed several thousand operations on mesmerised patients, with only sixteen deaths reported.

James Braid finally earned mesmerism scientific respectability. He spent eighteen years of his life researching what he called nervous sleep and in 1843 renamed it neurypnology. He later chose another name Hypnotherapy.

Mind Matters


After a couple of sessions of NLP and Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth with Cliff, I was able to deal with difficult situations in a much calmer way and see things clearer. In our NLP sessions we broke down issues into chunks which made it easier to deal with as they didn't seem so scary and big! After seeing Cliff I was able to look at things differently and now get a positive result which makes me feel better about myself.


For as long as I can remember I've always struggled with food. I think the best description would be having a "restricted diet" though extremely fussy and "picky eater" are valid too. As well as wanting to eat more healthily, overcoming this reluctance would open up a world of restaurant choice. I'm so pleased that my search for "NLP Portsmouth" took me to Cliff's NLP and Hypnotherapy website. I wasn't apprehensive about my session (I thought it might be a bit of a different experience). I found Cliff to be warm, friendly and very good at putting me at ease. We worked through a number of exercises using hypnotherapy and whilst they might have seemed somewhat random at the time the results were genuinely amazing. After just one session I was eating things I'd never eaten (or considered eating) before. What I really appreciated though was the ongoing contact and support Cliff gave by phone for many days & weeks after the session itself.Hypnotherapy and Nlp really work for me

Mark P

If you’re open minded and want to improve your life then NLP and Hypnotherapy works. After each session of NLP and Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth with Cliff I left feeling lighter emotionally and physically. Having gone through a traumatic experience which left me an emotional wreck I contacted Cliff. After every conversation whether face to face or on the phone, I felt stronger and able to deal with day to day life. After a few sessions with Cliff we started looking at past behaviours and how I kept repeating the same mistakes. Not only have I dealt with my traumatic experience but also old demons that were holding me back. I now feel positive about my future and have already started making changes for the better.


I called after I visited Cliffs Hypnotherapy web site where I found information about how Hypnotherapy weight loss techniques and NLP could help with me. I was struggling to diet, and all I can say is Wow! Ater a few sessions of Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth, I realised the issue was not my weight and learnt how to live and think differently about issues from my past. I can see that my ways of coping led to grief and guilt hence the overeating! Now I am living in the here and now, treasuring what I do have. For some reason I think of rainbows a lot, there is a lot of power in rainbows, I am positive if you have some sessions with Cliff you will also find your own rainbow. I have lost half a stone without trying but I am feeling mentally so much lighter.

Thankyou Cliff.


Hi Cliff

Thank you for our session of NLP and Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth. I found our discussions very thought provoking enabling a deeper insight and self awareness in relation to my own behaviours and triggers. This helped me move my mindset to facilitate getting my desired outcomes. Definitely a case of mind over matter!! The Hypnotherapy and NLP consultation and one that is creating new behaviours for a more harmonious life.

Thanks again. If I need any further assistance I will be in touch Best wishes.

Hi Cliff,

I just wanted to email you to thank you for finally freeing me of the smoking habit.... The whole experience having Hypnotherapy was very relaxing. It's so wonderful to not be revolving my life around having my next fix!!!!!!!! I can't actually believe how easy its been! I've not smoked since seeing you in February. I've been on two holidays where I would definately have succumbed in the past, but I didn't even struggle at all really!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! And I have been to lots of social events where, again, I would usually have fallen miserably off the wagon, but NO!! Not this time!!! It feels great to be fitter and healthier, not to mention richer! Oh and I smell nice too!!

Once again, I can't thank you enough for giving me back my freedom.... Diane Keet

After quitting drinking a couple of years ago, I was finding it really difficult to cope in social situations. This was rather debilitating as i’m a professional musician. After two sessions of Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth with Cliff Partridge, I was, and still am totally comfortable in any environment. This includes (still to my amazement), big festivals, which i love but had become ’no go areas’ for me. I can’t recommend Cliff highly enough, he really can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Duncan Jones

How can you STOP your sabotage ?

REMEMBER you really want to do this.

Commitment is what it takes, so don't phone just yet, because you need to notice where that feeling of commitment is... Once you have that feeling of commitment hold on to it, but still don't phone. Go about your day and you can begin to feel exactly where that feeling of commitment is.

Now.. when you know where that feeling is, that's the time to call me or email even text.

What will happen next ?
Now your ready, we will find a convenient time for you to begin your hypnotherapy.

Your first consultation will comprise of a informal chat, and I will ask some questions so I can begin to determine the possibly routes for the desired outcome.

Next meeting
From that information I will begin to construct a personal hypnotic induction this will be specifically written for you. Your Hypnotic trance state will gently guide you in to a place where the body and mind are totally relaxed which will be guided by the soft tones of my voice.

When you are in a state of relaxation (trance), this is when the unconscious mind begins to awaken those parts of you, so those beneficial changes you desire will take place. If you wish, there will always be time to discuss anything about your experience after your Hypnotic induction.


All sessions will be charged at £55.00 an hour.

Hypnotherapy Portsmouth, Lymington, Isle of Wight and beyond

Cliff Partridge
HNLP Trainer
NLP Master Practitioner

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