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How Can NLP Help You ?

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Neuro linguistic programming

Because our life experiences are completely unique we all hold what is known in NLP terms as maps of our reality. In other words, as we go through life we store vast amounts of information within our neurology. One of the most interesting things about our mind/ nervous system is that it's not that fussy about what it learns. So when certain behaviors begin to stop us from what we want to achieve, this is where NLP can help you to create new patterns of thinking, which creates new behaviors.

What is NLP?

NLP is the study of subjective experience.

NLP can help change many different behaviors. You may want to give up smoking or lose weight. NLP is used in hospitals and in business to look at different strategies to find solutions to many different problems. NLP helps with confidence and looks at where and when you would what to have that feeling of confidence. NLP helps with stress because NLP looks at how are you becoming stressed and what changes you can make so you can feel relaxed .NLP looks at the structure of what creates behaviours and then how to change them.

Our ability to respond are learnt and when we have no-response-abilities we find ourselves using the same response.