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You're on the right page...Because of the on going situation you can now Face Time me for a Free consultation. I have reduced my fee to £45 an hour. Please keep safe,there's a fire burning and it's far from out...

Take care...  Cliff Partridge

Hypnotherapy Portsmouth

Do you like to relax?

All of us go into hypnotic states as we go through our day. Hypnotherapy is a natural occurrence, it's very much like a day dream. When you go into a hypnotic state you will become relaxed and time seems to change. When you're relaxing this is the key into the unconscious mind.

Neuro Lingusitic Programming

Because our life experiences are completely unique we all hold what is known in NLP terms as maps of reality.In other words,as we go through life we store vast amounts of information within our neurology. One of the most interesting facts about our mind/nervous system is that it's not that fussy about what it learns. So when certain behaviours begin to stop us from what we want to achieve, this is where NLP can help you to create new patterns of thinking, which create new behaviours.

Cliff Partridge

I have been coaching groups and individuals to empower them towards their goals and their visions. Giving them clearer insights towards the change they want. My vocation is teaching NLP and Hypnotherapy, which I have thoroughly enjoyed for the last 13 years. I am also an ANLP Trainers member which is the largest independent NLP accreditation body.

How to make the right decision?

What is the first step in making a descion? What would you like to see in your minds eye? What will you want to hear? All descions will have a feeling,how will you know when you have that feeling? Where specifically would you notice that feeling within your body?

Katie Green

I decided to see Cliff because I was unable to achieve clarity of thought when considering my next career steps or purpose if you will. From the start, Cliff made me feel instantly at ease to talk about my situation. The NLP techniques he used have had a positive impact on my ability to think clearly about my future career/life options. Perhaps most importantly, Cliff has enabled me to feel authentic which has given me a new found impetus for attracting desired change and expressing gratitude. I would implicitly recommend Cliff for all mind matters.


After struggling with a fear of needles for as long as I can remember, when I found out I was pregnant I knew it was time to finally do something about it. I found Cliff after googling hypnotherapists in Portsmouth and chose him as he had the best reviews. Getting hypnotherapy was the best thing I have ever done, I no longer have panic attacks when having to have blood tests and injections and I can remain calm whilst having them done. During the session Cliff made me feel relaxed and comfortable and after only 2 sessions I would say that my fear has gone now, even though I was sceptical at first. So thank you Cliff it really has made a difference!

Karen - 'the driving lesson lady'

If you're looking for a way to change your habits, the way you think or behave more positively then I can unreservedly recommend Cliff Partridge and his generosity of time and spirit as some one who can move you towards positive thinking and positive outcomes. In just a 15 minutes session of Hypnotherapy and NLP in Portsmouth he has been able to change something difficult in my life to something more favourable and affirmative.

His support and encouragement comes across as second nature, so thanks Cliff.


If you're open minded and want to improve your life then NLP and Hypnotherapy works. After each session of Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth with Cliff I left feeling lighter emotionally and physically. Having gone through a traumatic experience which left me an emotional wreck . I contacted Cliff and after every conversation whether face to face or on the phone, I felt stronger and able to deal with day to day life. Not only have I dealt with my traumatic experience but also old demons that were holding me back. I now feel positive about my future and have already started making changes for the better.

My fee is £45 an hour. Call me or drop me a line

When you are considering any change, most of us experience a resistance. If you keep putting off making changes this is a form of resistance, sending that email or making that call. Now for any real change a decision will happen followed by an action.

How do you decide?