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Beliefs creates the behaviours we believe to be the useful to us.Attached to our beliefs are values.Our values are like legs on a table and the belief is the table top. Without values we have no belief as there is nothing there to support the beliefs. Beliefs are generalisations about our learnings in other words we consider the evidence or the proof that then convinces us to believe what we are seeing,hearing, feeling,tasting,smelling is true and real.We make a representation within our mind using our senses and from that information we give the representation meaning which causes us to create a belief. Beliefs have no room for logic,we all know that smoking is bad for your health.If I was to sit with anyone who smokes and explain what happens to the nervous system when they light up or if I sat with addicts and explained the danger of their ways ,most of the information will not reach the right level of the unconscious mind.

Mind Matters

Mind Matters

Mind Matters

How does a smoker believe that smoking is ok? Beliefs are notoriously unresponsive to logic.This is why beliefs have nothing to do with making sense,beliefs are all about meaning.When you begin to believe how you can behave differently,this starts the process of creating new possibilities.You will begin to bring to mind different representations with different values. When those new values are up dated they delete the old values and the belief will change.Below is the NLP model of communication and over to the right an example of a loop of values that creates a belief. stopping smoking hampshire

A example of an internal representation

When you go to a restaurant and you select the meal of your desire.You have just made a internal representation of what you think the meal will look like,smell like,taste like and how the meal will satisfy you. You use past experiences(a map) that convince you this is the meal for you.You have created a representation of that meal but its only a representation and not the real thing.Your mind/nervous system begins to send you signal because it's responding as if the words on the menu are the real thing.When the meal is served hopefully the meal will look right,smell delicious.Then all this information will send even more signals to your nervous system which will make your mouth water with a slight drizzle of anticipation as the first mouthful fulfills your expectations. If it doesn't this is because you have made the representation in you mind better and more real than the real thing.

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