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    His goal is to coach groups or individuals to empower them towards their goals and their visions. Giving them clearer insights towards the change they want.

    Cliff has been teaching NLP and Hypnotherapy for the last 10 years. He is a certified AIP NLP/Hypnotherapy Trainer. He is also an ANLP ANLP Trainers member which is the largest independent NLP accreditation body in the world.

    He specializes in these areas:

    Working with individuals with personal breakthrough sessions where stuck negative emotions are stopping their further development.

    He is the developer of:

    Cliff believes that all of us have a unique gift and once the veil of doubt is lifted our capabilities are given clarity. Giving that personal touch is paramount to his training and breakthrough sessions .

    I was privileged to be a part of the leavers group at Parlex (Europe) Ltd who received NLP training from Cliff Partridge. None of us in the group knew what to expect from Cliff’s NLP training, as the subject area was something of a mystery to begin with. However, Cliff’s supremely genial style of presentation meant we warmed to him immediately and hung on to every word. The two days with Cliff were the most interesting and rewarding training days I have ever spent. The information Cliff imparted was both novel and very useful. We all came away inspired and uplifted. As a qualified and experienced teacher myself I was unexpectedly inspired. I would highly recommend Cliff NLP training as a perfect moral booster for anyone in this unfortunate situation. Cliff provided a much needed reassuring light and moral boost at this time of increasing darkness of impending redundancy.

    Chris Wood, MBCS CITP IT Manager

    I found the NLP course very insightful. It has given me more confidence just knowing I have the power to change my outcomes and look at life with a different prospective. The course was also enjoyable, interesting and fun. Cliff is a good tutor and easily explains things.

    Miss N Norris

    "We all make the best possible decisions with the options we have available to us at that moment, but it was made at that moment... NOW is a new time for making new decision with new possibilities and a new future."

    "You'll never really know how far just one decision will go."

    Cliff Partridge

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    Cliff Partridge
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