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    Because our life experiences are completely unique we all hold what is known in NLP terms as maps of our reality. In other words as we go through life we store vast amounts of information within our neurology.

    One of the most interesting things about our mind/ nervous system is that it's not that fussy about what it learns. So when certain behaviours begin to stop us from what we want to achieve, this is where NLP can help you to create new patterns
    of thinking, which creates new behaviours.

    What is NLP ?

    NLP is the study of subjective experience.

    NLP can help change many different behaviors. You may want to give up smoking or lose weight. NLP is used in hospitals and in business to look at different strategies to find solutions to many different problems. NLP helps with confidence and looks at where and when you would what to have that feeling of confidence. NLP helps with stress because NLP looks at how are you becoming stressed and what changes you can make so you can feel relaxed .NLP looks at the structure of what creates behaviors and then how to change them. Our ability to respond are learnt and when we have no-response-abilities we find ourselves using the same response.This also can create beliefs about what we can and can't learn.
    Statements like:

    These statements are known as limiting beliefs.

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    NLP presupposition

    If you keep doing what you have always done ,you will keep getting what you have always got.

    NLP looks at how we can change those responses or maps so we can have a more fulfilling life. All of us have had many different experiences as we go through life. These experiences are held within our memory banks. Depending on the intensity of the feeling at that moment, the memories will be stored within the unconscious mind. If someone were to throw a ball at you and you had never seen a ball before, your ability to catch it would not be in your memory banks, because the ball being thrown at you would have no meaning. You would not know how to catch the ball. This could mean you just watch the ball hit the floor or you may scratch your head the possibilities are endless.What will happen is that you will create behaviour.

    All behaviour has a positive intention.The behaviour may not work for you but for some people think it's the only option they think they have.

    What makes people keep taking drugs, drink too much or overeat until they find themselves in a desperate situation, sometimes life threatening, and yet they carry on with the same behaviour? Whether it's drugs, drink or overeating I know that these behaviours have always got a positive intention. On a logical level, trying to make sense of peoples behaviours will tie you in knots. This is because the behaviour is on an unconscious level.

    You're holding about 30 balloons and the string on all of the balloons is quite long, which means they are above your head. As you walk along with your balloons, the string gets longer and longer and before you know it you can't see the balloons, but you know they are there. Every time you look up to your balloons they get lower so that you can see them, apart from one. The string to the balloon you are trying to see just gets longer and longer and you can feel the balloon is betting bigger and bigger because of the way it pulls you. Even though you have made many different plans to get to where you want to go, you keep finding yourself back to where you don't want to be. You can't see the balloon.You know that it's there but because it's above you, way up high, the balloon is out of your conscious awareness.

    The only time it comes into your awareness is when you think you have a problem.

    A man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life.

    James Allen

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    Mind Matters

    How can NLP help you?

    NLP works because it changes these
    maps of behaviour

    I remember some time back watching a black and white film about Sir David Attenborough meeting a tribesman in Africa for the first time. Sir Attenborough put out his hand to shake the tribesman's hand but as the tribesman had never seen this jest before he just stood there looking puzzled.

    NLP is all about new possibilities and as I mentioned before it is the study of subjective experience, which to me is all about the when, where and how. When is about knowing the time to do the behaviour. Where is about your surroundings or environment and how is all about your capabilities.

    How do certain people just keep eating or smoking when they know that their health is at risk? What is going on in their mind? Are they continually seeing pictures of food or are they feeling stressed at certain times. When I ask my clients about how do they know that it is time to eat or to have a cigarette? Some say they are hungry or I am stressed, I have to ask them,"how do you do that?" Are you getting pictures or movies of food? I know that if I have pictures or movies of food in my head for a while I get hungry.I also know if I get stressed it doesn't mean I have a cigarette. One thing I do know is that with all of the clients I have worked with concerning weight management and smoking the movies or pictures are never in black and white!

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